Behind The Scene

Winning the best project award, Aayushi Agarwal and Anushka Agarwal graduated from NIFT and Pearl Academy respectively. In 2019 they decided to open their dream line under the label name Erotissch.

Our momentous goal has been empowering women. We wanted to give them the maximum expression of femininity, confidence, and comfort. And we decided to provide all of this in a new meaningful manner, through a pair of may fair on your body, through a pair of quality lingerie. Lingerie is said to be a women's best friend, which defines her in all guises. Thus, we started a line from Bed to Loungewear. We use sustainable fabric, scarlet silks, fancy laces from Thailand, merrily cotton from India and Europe. The experts handpick each fabric. Each hue and material has a meaning for all your moods and days, be it gracious, pleasant, playful, endearing, delightful, reflective, each cloth is designed with geniality to put an everyday smile on your face.

Our ethos and goals had brought us together as a homegrown brand. The factory location is in a frondescence surrounding. We love to take care of our plants and make sure to put a grin on our employees' faces.

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